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Xi Jinping plots to subvert over 600 United Front organizations in the United States

  • As part of a four-month investigation, Newsweek has identified 600 community groups in the US with links to the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Newsweek directly pointed out that Chinese President Xi Jinping was plotting to subvert the United States.
  • Due to Trump’s strengthening hardline policy facing China, the reason why China tends to deal with the Democratic Party is because of "Joe Biden".  Newsweek cover 10262020

Taipei, Oct.27.– The U.S. 2020 presidential election has entered the final countdown. The U.S. Newsweek also released a 4-month investigation on the 26th [yesterday].

The American polling company "Rasmussen Reports" released the latest polls. More than half of voters believe that Hunter Biden is "involved in China's Profitable scandal"; and the US "Newsweek" on the 26th also released a four-month investigation. The content directly pointed out that Chinese President Xi Jinping conspired to subvert the United States, and found that there are at least 600 Chinese United Front Organizations in the United States.

The latest issue of Newsweek in the United States is titled "Xi Jinping Conspired to Overthrow the United States – 600 Reasons to Worry about China." The author is Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a senior researcher at the German Council on Foreign Relations. According to a four-month investigation conducted by Newsweek, China's goal is to cause chaos before the US presidential election in an attempt to influence the election against President Trump.

The article pointed out that the survey conducted interviews with about 20 analysts, government officials, and Chinese and American experts, and found that more than 600 groups in the United States have regular contacts with the Chinese Communist Party and receive guidance from the Chinese side; Chinese authorities often deny that they interfere in the internal affairs of the United States, and reversely accuse the United States of interfering in the contacts of local community groups.

Due to Trump’s strengthening against China’s hardline policy, the reason why China tends to deal with the Democratic Party is because of "Joe Biden", according to U.S. Newsweek report. This favor came from the period of Barack Obama. During that period, China was making great progress on the world stage, with little opposition until Trump launched a US-China trade war and openly talked about trade and espionage issues. This move ensures that China’s policy becomes more critical on who enters the White House. For them, it is clear whether the Democratic Party is willing to downplay the challenge of China if it wins the election.

John Garnaut, a senior correspondent of the Fairfax Group in Beijing, pointed out that China is not trying to "destroy" the United States from aborad, but to "change or subvert" the United States from within, and to establish a positive view of China to contrast with the emerging chaos of American society.

The article stated that, in order to implement the plan of influence and intervention in the United States, China relies on what Xi Jinping called "magic weapons", which is the "united front" system led by the United Front Work Department of the CCP. The "Australian Institute of Strategic Policy" (ASPI ) Researcher Zhou Anlan (Alexander Joske) pointed out that this is a network composed of party and state institutions.

Newsweek also determined that there are several types of United Front organizations in the United States, such as the Immigrant Fellowship, China Assistance Center, Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Media, Chinese Professional Association, organizations that promote the "peaceful reunification" of China and Taiwan, sorority organizations, Educational and cultural organizations and the Chinese Student Council, etc., as well as the Chinese elite non-profit organization "Hundreds of People" founded by I.M. Pei with the assistance of a former Secretary of State.

This report was first published by "Liberty Times", Taiwan, in Chinese