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World Health Organisation Outlines ‘Urgent’ Health Challenges

  • The World Health Organization listed unhealthy foods, education of health care workers and epidemic preparation among the pressing issues going into the new decade.
  • Cities around the world are facing dangerously poor levels of air quality due to pollution, which kills approximately 7 million people a year, WHO stated.

Geneva, Jan.15.– Climate change, infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance all made the World Health Organization's list of "urgent global health challenges" the world will face in the new decade.

The health organization released a list this week of the most pressing health issues facing people that was "developed with input from our experts around the world." The list "reflects a deep concern that leaders are failing to invest enough resources in core health priorities and systems."

"This puts lives, livelihoods and economies in jeopardy," Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of WHO, said in a statement. "None of these issues are simple to address, but they are within reach. Public health is ultimately a political choice."

In no specific order, WHO declared the top issues the world must conquer by 2030 to be climate change, health care in times of conflict and crisis, making health care fairer, expanding access to medication, infectious diseases, epidemic preparation, investment in education and employment of health workers, safety of adolescents, patient trust, harnessing new technology, antimicrobial resistance, cleanliness of health care facilities and protecting people from dangerous products.

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