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Japan emperor formally proclaims enthronement

The new Emperor and Empress of Japan Tokyo, Oct.22.– Japan's new Emperor Naruhito on Tuesday completed his ascension to the ancient Chrysanthemum throne in a solemn, ritual-bound ceremony performed before hundreds of dignitaries in the Imperial Palace.

"I hereby declare my enthronement at home and abroad," Naruhito said from inside an elaborately adorned structure housing his throne, with his wife Empress Masako alongside him standing before her own throne.

A powerful typhoon that hit Japan earlier this month, killing dozens, forced the cancellation of a huge parade, but the rest of the day's events went ahead with the pomp and tradition of a dynasty that claims more than 2,000 years of history.

The royal family filed into the palace's Pine Room dressed in heavy robes, with the women sporting sculpted wigs topped with golden headpieces.

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