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Cities are for citizens, declares Taipei democracy city summit

Taipei, Oct. 7 (UNI).– The International League of Democracy Cities has called Opening meeting of the International League of Democracy Citiesupon all the cities of the world to take the path of direct democracy with the purpose to accomplish the goals of open government, citizen participation and transparency.

The International League of Democracy Cities held its first ever City Summit in Taipei on Saturday evening as part of the 2019 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy (GFMDD) convention in Taichung city from Wednesday until last Saturday.

Opening the summit, the GFMDD co-president Bruno Kaufman said Taipei has the pride to organise the first ever summit of this kind.

"We are writing history today. More than 60 % of citizens of the world live in the cities today. The cities are the places where democracy is learnt. It is the cities where participatory leadership can be trained and deal with the issues related to water, climate change, etc.", he pointed out ...

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