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CANADA: Green party wants to clean house with clean energy plan in upcoming federal election

Niagara's Green Party candidates addressed voters and media at Brock with hopes of promoting awareness of its Green platform for the upcoming federal election.

Niagara, Aug.25.– Mission Possible may sound like a super-human, super-hero based action movie, but it’s actually the title of the Canadian Green Party’s plan for the upcoming election.

Three candidates sounded off about the goals, values and platform of the Green Party for the upcoming federal election this fall. The trio, representing the ridings of Niagara Falls, Niagara West and Niagara Centre met with a few party faithful and many potential swing voters at Brock University, Thursday night.

Victoria Brzozowski, Niagara Falls Executive, Communications Coordinator of the event, said all of the ridings in Niagara have converged in attempts to work together toward “getting our first MP elected in the Niagara Region.”

The Green Party has yet to select a candidate for its St. Catharines riding, which will be decided Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Russell Avenue Community Centre. Brzozowski noted there were many applicants for the St. Catharines riding, and about 60 members of the Green Party will have to vote in a representative on that date ...

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