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Munich Security Conference reveals a Growing Rift between U.S. and its Allies

U.S. Vice President Pence got muted applause when he spoke about U.S. global leadership, noting NATO members have increased their defense spending.

Munich, Feb.16.– The U.S.-led liberal world order is falling apart, according to the organizers of a gathering of world leaders and defense chiefs in Germany that has met annually since the Cold War.

The Munich Security Conference report said the Trump administration displays an "irritating enthusiasm for strongmen across the globe" and "disdain for international institutions and agreements."

For much of this past week, the growing rift between the U.S. and its traditional European allies has been on display.

First, in Warsaw, Poland, the U.S. organized a conference seeking to marshal international outrage over Iran, and Vice President Pence urged France, Germany and the U.K. to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, accusing them of concocting a "scheme" to continue to business with Iran ...

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