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Mixed reaction to Theresa May's call for 'respect' from the EU

DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds urged Theresa May to 'stand up' for UK interests.  Nigel DoddsNigel Dodds

Belfast, Sept. 22.– Theresa May's tough talking on the Brexit negotiations has been greeted with both praise and criticism.

The Tory leader's rejection of the EU proposal to keep Northern Ireland in the customs union with checks on goods travelling to Britain was described by Mary Lou McDonald as a "deflection".

The Sinn Féin president said Mrs May's statement had been billed as a major one but proved to be nothing more than "an exercise in tired rhetoric".

"Rather than accepting that her so-called Chequers plan fails to resolve fundamental issues, Theresa May has engaged in deflection," she said.

"Her focus has unfortunately remained on infighting within her own party and her pact with the DUP, instead of coming to an acceptable negotiating position."

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