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Greece and Macedonia reached an agreement on the disputed name

Athens, June 12 (– Greece and Macedonia have reached an agreement to resolve the dispute over the controversial name of Macedonia. This was stated by Alexei The Rep. of Macedonia and the Greek province of the same name in the BalkansThe Rep. of Macedonia and the Greek province of the same name in the BalkansTsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, according to the publication Ekathimerini .

"I have good news ... Once we have reached an agreement with the prime minister of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on the issue that has been holding our minds for many years. We have an agreement and I am happy because we have an agreement that covers all the conditions, established by the Greek side ", - he said at a briefing with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

As you know, Athens and Skopje at the end of May announced that their negotiations on the name of Macedonia are already on the finish line, and a compromise has been found. Possible new names are "Republic of Elinden Macedonia" and "Republic of Northern Macedonia".

The controversy about the name of Macedonia, a state that arose after the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991, lasts for more than 25 years. Greece needs to change the name of a neighboring country to avoid confusion with the northern region of Greece - Macedonia. Greece also warns Skopje against any territorial claims on all of the historical Macedonia in Greece. Because of this, Athens block the entry of Macedonia into the EU and NATO.