Massive US military strike on Syrian air base from which chemical weapons attack was launched

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Russia 'furious' as US fires missiles on Syria

USS PorterUSS Porter Palm Beach/Moscow/Beirut, Apr. 7.─ Guided-missile destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross launched a massive strike operation agains Syria from the Eastern Mediterranean where the US Navy's Sixth Fleet is deployed.

The Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched on April 6 against a Syrian airbase from which President Donald Trump said a deadly chemical weapons attack had been launched. This is the first direct US assault on the government of Bashar Al-Assad in six years of civil war. Trump ordered the step his predecessor Barack Obama never took: directly targeting the Syrian military for its suspected role in a posion gas attack that killed at leas 70 people.

This action catapulted Washington into confrontation with Russia, which has military advisers on the ground aiding its ally, President Assad. The Kremlin denounced the strikes as illegal.

Meanwhile, Kuwait, along with other GCC member states Saudi arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, as well as Qatar, expressed support for the pre-dawn US missile strike on a Syrian military airbase, said to be the launching site for Tuesday's chemical attack in northern Syria where scores of people perished. An official source at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry said: "The State of Kuwait, whila affirming its emphatic rejection and robust condemnation of using various weapons of mass destruction, including chemical arms, expresses its support for the military operations carried out by the United States ..."

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