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Santos Sets a Trap for Colombians

  • Even if voters approve the tainted bargain with narco-terrorists, it won’t bring peace
  • Up to 2012 ─not counting the last 4 years─ FARC killed 177,307 civilians in their guerrilla operations
  • FARC and the Colombian armed forces lost 40,787 in combat
  • Thousands of girls and boys under 14 were forced to join as FARC soldiers   Children recruited by FARCChildren recruited by FARC

Sept.25.─ The paradox of Obama foreign policy is that its compromises with enemies of liberty in the interest of peace are leaving the world more violent, polarized and dangerous. This is especially true in Latin America.

On Oct. 2, Colombia will hold a plebiscite to ask the nation to approve or reject an Obama-backed agreement between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), designated by the State Department as a foreign terrorist organization. The deal gives the FARC amnesty for its war crimes, which include the recruitment of thousands of child soldiers, massacres of villages, political executions, bombings and kidnappings.

Under the agreement, negotiated and signed in Havana, the FARC will also get unelected seats in Congress and special welfare benefits. It will be given dozens of radio stations—so that it can disseminate its propaganda, a privilege no other political party has.

The agreement does not require the FARC to pay any financial reparations to its victims, even though the narco-terrorist kingpins have wealth estimated in the billions. Reparations will be paid by law-abiding citizens via sharp tax increases. The FARC says it will not disarm until it’s good and ready to. Meanwhile it will be given weapons and training to enforce the agreement.

What could possibly go wrong?

Ask Cubans who are enduring the fallout from another Obama legacy project: the 2014 decision to normalize relations with the military dictatorship ...

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