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Former VP Joe Biden under the spot light in Senate impeachment hearings

Washington DC, Jan 28 (– During proceedings this Wednesday in the Hunter Biden (left) & former VP Joe Biden (right)Hunter Biden (left) & former VP Joe Biden (right)Senate, Trump’s lawyers painted Biden and his son Hunter as corrupt actors worthy of investigation. Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, in particular, zeroed in on the younger Biden for his role serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, while his father oversaw Ukraine policy as Vice President of the United States.

“Every witness who was asked about Hunter Biden’s involvement at Burisma agreed there was a potential appearance of a conflict of interest,” Bondi said Monday, describing House testimony.

However, Kurt Volker, the former U.S. special envoy for Ukraine, testified in the House impeachment inquiry that he saw no validity to Trump’s allegations of corruption on the Bidens’ part. There has been no evidence of corruption on the part of the former Vice President or his son, said Volker.

But Senator Joni Kay Ernst, a former military officer serving as the junior United States Senator for Iowa since 2015, said it was “entirely appropriate” for the president’s defense team to attack the Bidens. She said the information aired about them on Monday might be useful to the voting public.

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World Health Organisation Outlines ‘Urgent’ Health Challenges

  • The World Health Organization listed unhealthy foods, education of health care workers and epidemic preparation among the pressing issues going into the new decade.
  • Cities around the world are facing dangerously poor levels of air quality due to pollution, which kills approximately 7 million people a year, WHO stated.

Geneva, Jan.15.– Climate change, infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance all made the World Health Organization's list of "urgent global health challenges" the world will face in the new decade.

The health organization released a list this week of the most pressing health issues facing people that was "developed with input from our experts around the world." The list "reflects a deep concern that leaders are failing to invest enough resources in core health priorities and systems."

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The Nicaragua Crisis Means Increased Violence against Women

Nicaragua’s socio-political crisis has sparked digital violence against women and in some cases this aggression then escalated into physical violence, according to a recent study.

HAVANA TIMES – Women were already under attack in Nicaragua’s social media networks before the April 2018 civic rebellion but following the crisis this violence increased by some 73.1%. These are the statistics offered in a study entitled “Gender Violence through Technology,” published by the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development (Funides).

“There’s been an escalation of violence towards women, and it’s understandable, since the state itself is reproducing such violence, authorizing citizens to exercise it; and there’s a society where impunity reigns.  Clearly the groups that have been historically discriminated against are going to be the first ones affected,” states feminist Maria Teresa Blandon.

According to data from the study, the major expressions of aggression towards women have been threats and offensive comments, followed in frequency by postings with false or personal information aimed at disparaging the women’s views.

“These forms of aggression tell us the same thing as the assaults we experience in the street, at home, and anyplace where someone violent, misogynist and macho threatens our lives and physical integrity.  Nicaragua is a very violent society,” adds Maryorit Guevara, a journalist and a feminist.

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'Iran likely downed Ukraine airliner with missiles'.– Canada's Trudeau, citing intelligence

An Iranian missile likely brought down a Ukrainian plane. Here’s how it could have Scattered pieces of downed aircraftScattered pieces of downed aircrafthappened.

Ottawa, Jan.9.– An Iranian missile appears to have brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane over Iran this week killing 176 people – including 63 Canadians – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.

“We have intelligence from multiple sources, including our allies and our own intelligence. The evidence indicates the plane was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile,” Trudeau said during a news conference in Ottawa.

“This may well have been unintentional.”

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Denmark Floats a Possible Model for Climate Policy

The country's new climate law shows that governments don’t have to choose between the environment and the economy.

Copenhagen's "Climate Safari" globe that can accommodate up to 300 children to teach them about green energy and help raise awareness of the consequences of climate change.Copenhagen's "Climate Safari" globe that can accommodate up to 300 children to teach them about green energy and help raise awareness of the consequences of climate change. Paris, Jan.8.– After millions of people worldwide took to the streets last September to demand politicians take action against climate change, climate scientists were disappointed by the outcome of December's U.N. climate summit. Developed countries made no commitments to cut emissions in the near-term or to finance developing countries' emissions goals. Although the European Commission (aside from Poland) separately pledged a "Green Deal" to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, experts say it isn't enough.

"Everyone needs to get to net zero by 2050, but we won't stay on track if we don't see significant reductions by 2030," says Rachel Cleetus, policy director and lead economist in the Climate and Energy Program at the Union for Concerned Scientists, an independent advocacy nonprofit that represents a network of 25,000 scientists, economists and other experts around the world.

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