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US President urges all nations to unite at UN General Assembly 2019

Donald Trump spoke for 40 minutes on Iran, Brexit, Venezuela, China ... 

  • Promises 'magnificent' post-Brexit trade deal;
  • Attacks Iran for aggressive actions;
  • Tells North Korea it must de-nuclearise.

United Nations, Sept.24.– President Donald Trump has warned that “the future does not belong to globalists” as he told world leaders gathered at the United Nations to embrace patriotism and put their own interests first.

In an address overshadowed by domestic concerns, including mounting calls for impeachment after he urged Ukraine’s president to investigate his rival Joe Biden, a sombre Mr Trump delivered a wide-ranging, downbeat address.

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Israel’s Prime Minister desperately struggling to stay in office

Binyamin Netanyahu is down but not out. 

Tel Aviv, Sept.20.– Binyamin Netanyahu spent the last two hours of voting in Israel’s general election on September 17th speaking through a camera to an online audience, begging people to come out and vote for Likud, his ruling party, before it was too late. “All the battles I fought as a soldier in an elite unit, all the battles I fought against a president of the United States [Barack Obama], all my other battles in Congress and at the United Nations—I did it for you. And now I’m asking you for something small. Go the polling station. It’s only a five-minute walk.”

As he wheedled and begged his voice grew hoarser. He took phone-calls from fans. Occasionally he stood up to gesture at a map of the Middle East on the wall, pointing to the menace of Iran. At one point, he mockingly showed puppets of his rivals.

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US Representative Ilhan Omar Calls for the Protection of a Notorious Terrorist Organization in her Native Somalia

Democrat Ilhan Omar is demanding that a telecommunications company founded and operated by a renowned terrorist financier, receive protection from that country’s government and UN peacekeeping forces.

US Rep. Ilhan OmarUS Rep. Ilhan OmarSept.14.– In her social media account, Ilhan Omar writes that Somalia’s government and UN peacekeeping forces need to protect Hormuud Telecommunications and the Somali telecom industry as they make enormous contributions to the economy and provide vital services. Hormuud Telecommunications, was created and is operated by Ahmed Nur Ali Jim’ale, a chief financier of al–Shabaab, an east African-based jihadist group that serves as Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia.

On the 26th of August, Rep. Ilhan Omar made the following tweet:

Ilhan Omar ✔

Somali government and peacekeeping forces, need to protect @Hormuud and the Somali telecom industry as they make enormous contribution to the economy and provide vital services.

During my visit to Somalia in 2011, I was surprised by the quick evolution of their technology in Somalia. …

What is Hormuud? 

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The European Union's approach to Cuba

Is it reasonable?

Brussels, Sept. 13 (– The recent visit to Cuba of Federica Mogherini, in her character as High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and EU-Cuba meeting in HavanaEU-Cuba meeting in HavanaSecurity Policy, has been widely disseminated in the world press, noting it as a diplomatic success in formalizing normal relations with the Cuban dictatorship.

On the other hand, an official note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain "reiterate its full support for the current framework of relations between the European Union and Cuba". In addition to this full support for the repressive government led by Díaz Canel and Raúl Castro, the Spanish socialist government reaffirms in this release its conviction about the "good state of the bilateeral relations and the will of both parties to deepen them in all their dimensions". The fact is that the Cuban Foreign Minister and the Spanish Secretary of State for International Cooperation confirmed the willingness to "continue strengthening bilateral relations based on mutual respect and confidence building."

This “cordial meeting” took place on the eve after the holding in Havana of the Second Cuba-European Union Joint Council, in which the Caribbean country and the community bloc reviewed the progress of the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation and began a new cycle in renewed bilateral relations.

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U.K. Court Rules against Boris Johnson

Suspension of Parliament is Unlawful “because it had the purpose of stymying Parliament.”

PM Boris JohnsonPM Boris Johnson London, Sept. 11.– The latest twist in the U.K.’s battle over Brexit comes via a Scottish court, which ruled Wednesday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s controversial, monthlong suspension of Parliament was unlawful.

The suit brought by 75 lawmakers in response to Johnson’s decision to shutter Parliament—in effect silencing the representative body in the lead-up to the next Oct. 31 Brexit deadline—does not end the legal tussle over Johnson’s illiberal tactics, which are expected to go before the country’s Supreme Court next week.

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