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Synagogue, mosque and church to join under one roof in Berlin

Three religious leaders join to build temple

Vienna, May 28.– A group of Muslims, Jews and Christians joined on Thursday to lay the foundation stone for a centre that will house places of worship for each religion in a symbol of interfaith dialogue in the German capital.

Days after protests in Berlin over the attacks by Israel in Gaza, and at a time when politicians are warning of rising anti-Semitism in Germany, the “House of One” offers a beacon of hope for dialogue, said its founders.

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"The Quad Nations" plan to Include New Members despite Outrage from Beijing

A group known as "the Quad", including Australia, India, Japan and the US, met in Tokyo on March 12, and is now reaffirming its intention to expand the group with the admission of other countries in the region.

Seoul, May 21.– With the rising threat from communist China in the Indo-Pacific region, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between the United States, Japan, India, and Australia has become increasingly important. Cooperation among its members has gone beyond economy, military, and supply chains. And the United States and Japan are also winning over more countries to join the Quad or participate in joint military exercises.

Today, May 21, Joe Biden met South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House, Biden’s second face-to-face summit with a foreign leader since his meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in April.

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Egyptian Mediators Hold Talks to Firm up Israel-Hamas Truce

Gaza celebrates Hamas-Israel truce

Gaza City, May 22 (AP).— Egyptian mediators held talks Saturday to firm up an Israel-Hamas cease-fire as Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip began to assess the damage from 11 days of intense Israeli bombardment. A 130-truck convoy carrying urgently needed aid was headed to Gaza.

Saturday marked the first full day of a truce that ended the fourth Israel-Hamas war in just over a decade. In the fighting, Israel unleashed hundreds of airstrikes against militant targets in Gaza, while Hamas and other militants fired more than 4,000 rockets toward Israel. More than 250 people were killed, the vast majority of them Palestinians.

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Israeli Artillery Fires at South Lebanon in Response to Rocket Launches

Tel Aviv, May 19.– Israel fired artillery at targets in Lebanon on Wednesday after four rockets were launched toward Israel from Lebanese territory, the Israeli military said.

Israel’s missile defenses intercepted one of the projectiles and “the rest most likely fell in open areas,” the military said. The rockets caused air raid sirens to blare in the northern Israeli city of Haifa and areas to the east.

Security sources in Lebanon confirmed that four rockets had been launched towards Israel from Seddiqine, a village in the region of Lebanon’s southern coastal city of Tyre.

It was not immediately clear who had fired the rockets, and there were no reports of damage on either side.

Damaged residential building in Israel hit by HAMAS missiles An Israeli soldier inspects damage to an apartment in a residential building after it was hit by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip."

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Democracy under attack: The world needs a free press, warns Nobel laureate Amartya Sen

Authoritarian tendencies have been strikingly on the rise inNobel Prize laureate Amartya Sen many countries, says leading economist Amartya Sen, who painted a grim picture of tyranny and the impact of pandemics on participatory democracy.

Cornell, May 6.– Sen was the speaker at the 37th annual Bartels World Affairs Fellowship lecture at Cornell University on Wednesday, 5 May. Awarded the Nobel Prize in 1988 for his work in welfare economics and the causes of famine, the 87-year-old is currently Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University.

In opening the live web discussion, Cornell Vice-Provost for International Affairs Wendy Wolford made the point: “Famine and poverty are generally not due to scarcity or to lack of ability, but rather to a lack of entitlements. Entitlements that flow from a range of tangible and intangible goods, such as education, political power and racial or ethnic status.”

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