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China warns Trump about insults' cost

Beijing asks president-elect not to destroy foundation for Sino-US cooperation  

Beijing, Dec. 13.─ The Foreign Ministry urged US president-elect Donald Trump on Monday to act prudently on the Taiwan question to avoid "serious damage to the Sino-US relationship", after Trump once again publicly provoked China.

Beijing could react with countermeasures in trade and regional issues, if Trump keeps challenging the time-tested one-China policy, which is the diplomatic cornerstone of relations between the world's two biggest economies, Chinese experts said.

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Thousands more flee amid ‘scorched earth policy’ in Aleppo; UNICEF says all kids are traumatized

Beirut/Aleppo, Dec.12.─ Hundreds of Syrians stood in long lines Sunday, some getting on government buses, to flee the ever shrinking rebel-held enclave of eastern Aleppo as military troops and allied militias continued their push to regain full control of the opposition stronghold. Smoke and flames rise after airstrikes on rebel-controlled besieged area of Aleppo

Syria’s state news agency said at least 4,000 people fled the enclave Sunday. The state TV channel said more than 70,000 of eastern Aleppo’s estimated 275,000 residents have fled in recent days — mostly to government-held western Aleppo districts.

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Young Syrian fights for her homeland’s future from thousands of miles away

Muzoon Almellehan Newcastle, Dec.5.─ She’s thousands of kilometres away from her homeland, but Muzoon Almellehan is still fighting for Syria.

The rainy grey streets of this English port city could hardly feel further from the olive grove-covered hills of her home province of Daraa, but the 17-year-old Ms. Almellehan sees everything she does here – from her high-school studies to her relentless campaigning to ensure other refugee children get access to education – as a front in the war for her homeland’s future.

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Austria election: Far Right leader Norbert Hofer concedes defeat to Alexander Van der Bellen

53.3% of Austrian voters chose Alexander Van der Bellen   Van der Bellen celebrates victory on Austrian presidential elections

Vienna, Dec.5.─ Austria's voters have resoundingly rejected anti-immigration and eurosceptic Norbert Hofer's bid to become the European Union's first far-right president, a result greeted with relief from centrist politicians across the continent.

Instead, Greens-backed independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen swept 53.3 % of Sunday's vote against 46.7 % for his rival from the anti-immigration Freedom Party (FPOe), according to public television projections.

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S. KOREA: Why Park Geun-hye should resign

The president has a duty to spare her country months of drift

Park Geun-hye Seoul, Dec.3.─ Many members of the party of South Korea’s president, Park Geun-hye, want it. So does the opposition, which controls South Korea’s parliament. So do most ordinary Koreans: they have been marching for it by the millions. Even Ms Park says she is ready to do it. So why has she not yet resigned?

Ms Park is hopelessly mired in an ever-deepening influence-peddling scandal (see article). She admits that she shared too much information about affairs of state with a close confidante, Choi Soon-sil, including advance drafts of many of her speeches. Ms Choi, prosecutors say, went on to use her clout with the president to extort money and favours from big companies and other organisations. Ms Park, the prosecutors allege, was an active participant in this racket, ordering her aides to help Ms Choi extract her payouts.

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