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Returned Afghans on the run

Seven out of ten refugees who have returned to Afghanistan have been forced to flee their homes once more, according to figures from The Refugee Aid.

After the massive withdrawal of military aid and assistance, an unfinished war on terrorism sows present chaos. President Trump announced that he would send more troops to Afghanistan as part of his strategy to “win” the conflict. ←click here  ISIS controlled areas in red; taliban controlled areas in orange; taliban contested areas in yellow.

Jan. 24.– The Refugee Aid has conducted a survey in Afghanistan where 1,161 returned refugees have participated.

According to the Refugee Aid, the survey shows that 72% of them have had to escape from their home at least twice. For 27% of the respondents it has been necessary to flee three times.

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Russia Collusion Probe is FBI ‘Corruption’ at its Worst, argues Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

Tom FittonFitton said the “unelected bureaucracy” in the Justice Department and the FBI — in some cases, political appointees of the Obama administration, were “breaking the rules to bring down a duly-elected president,” and violating laws “beyond what Richard Nixon ever contemplated.”

“Nothing in recent American history compare ..." [ Full text

Pres. Donald Trump & former FBI Director James Comey Washington DC, Jan.21.– House Republicans spent the end of the workweek telling everyone who would listen that the American people must be allowed to see a top-secret four-page document that could bring an end to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 elections.

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German politics - Decision time

The cases for and against a new grand coalition in Germany - What would Willy do?  Merkel & Shulz

With the Social Democrats about to decide on entering formal negotiations, here are the arguments:

Berlin, Jan.19.– On Sunday Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) gather in Bonn, by the River Rhine, to decide whether to proceed to formal negotiations with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and their Christian Social Union (CSU) allies. The choice will be made around mid-afternoon by 600 delegates comprising groups representing each of the 16 federal states according to population (the largest, North Rhine-Westphalia, sends 144).

It happens that the venue of the conference, in a southern suburb of the old West German capital, is within walking distance of Bad Godesberg. It was here, in 1959, that the SPD abandoned its old Marxist theories and embraced reform capitalism. This turning point paved the way to the election of Willy Brandt (pictured, above, addressing the conference in his capacity as West Berlin’s mayor) as the federal republic’s first SPD chancellor a decade later.

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Estonian Member of the European Parliament Urmas Paet: 'EU should be less naive regarding Russian propaganda'

Urmas PaetTallin, Jan.19.– Estonian MEP Urmas Paet said that in an era of exponential growth in false news and propaganda from Russia, Europe must be less naive in self-defense.

"The most effective way to stand against propaganda and false news is to be adequate yourselves," Paet said at a plenary sitting of the European Parliament on Wednesday, where the topics of the impact of Russian propaganda in European Union member states was discussed.

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Erdogan announces new military operations in Syria

The offensive is directed against kurdish forces that previously defeated ISIS in the Syrian village of Um Al Hosh, in the area of Afrin   Turkish armor invading kurdish enclave in Afrin, Syria

Sugedigi, Turkey. Jan.20.– President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that Turkey had “de-facto” launched a new operation on the ground to oust Kurdish militia from a northern Syrian enclave, defying US warnings that the action risked destabilising the area.

Turkey has in recent days sent dozens of military vehicles to the border area and readied pro-Ankara Syria rebels amid repeated threats from top officials the operation on the town of Afrin was imminent.

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