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Europe’s ‘free’ media

by Samuel Stolton with Alexandra Brzozowski

Back in the bygone days of my journalism studies, I memorised a quote I still turn to from time to time, as a means to reify the importance of my craft in a world ever blighted by existential challenges to the industry. An abridged version of Lord Bingham’s address to the House of Lords in 2000 reads: “The proper functioning of a modern participatory democracy requires that the media be free, active, professional and enquiring.

May 4.– In the EU today, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, that very democratic functioning is at stake. A study published on Friday shows that 78% of Hungary’s media is under state control.

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Ukraine's presidential election: democracy means democracy

Volodymyr Zelensky is the next president of Ukraine. The Ukrainians elected him consciously, freely and Ukraine's elected President Vlodymyr ZelenskyUkraine's elected President Vlodymyr Zelenskydemocratically.

Kiev, Apr.22.– With over 99% of ballots counted as of 14:30 on April 22, showman Volodymyr Zelensky wins the second round of the 2019 presidential election with 73.22% of the vote. The incumbent head of state, Petro Poroshenko, receives 24.46%. The voter turnout in the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine reached 62.09%, a bit lower than in the first round.

In his speech after polling stations were closed and the first exit poll results were announced, Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the Ukrainians and his family for their support. "I thank the Ukrainians who supported me and the Ukrainians who made a different choice. I promise you all that I will never let you down," Zelensky said.

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Japan’s Self-Defence Forces are beginning to focus on China

Prompted by President Trump to do more for their own defense, but the pace of change is slow and the legal obstacles daunting

The Izumu in port - Now being converted into an Aircraft CarrierThe Izumu in port - Now being converted into an Aircraft Carrier Yokosuka, Apr.17.– On a cold spring day, rowds of Japanese gather to peer at the hulking grey ship moored in the port of Yokosuka, just south of Tokyo. The Izumo, the country’s largest warship, has attracted attention at home and abroad since December, when Japan’s government announced that it would upgrade her. Her deck, and that of her sister ship, the Kaga, will be reinforced to accommodate up to a dozen of the 147 F-35 fighter jets Japan recently ordered from America.

The refitting of the Izumo is one sign of Japan’s shifting defence posture. The changes are small, by necessity. Japan is constrained by its constitution, written by occupying American forces after the second world war. It bars Japan from maintaining armed forces or settling disputes by war. Despite these strictures, Japan has long had an army in all but name: the “Self-Defence Forces”. The SDF has focused, aptly enough, on defence—hunting submarines and warding off warplanes, for example—while relying on American troops based in Japan to go on the offensive, should that be required. Little by little, however, that formula is changing.

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7 Global Trends Impacting The Sustainability Movement

April 16 (Forbes).– April is Earth Month, and Forum for the Future, a global nonprofit organization that advocates for systems change to promote sustainability, has recently published a report entitled Driving Systems Change in Turbulent Times. In it, the Forum advances seven trends that have major implications for how (or if) we will be able to address current global environmental challenges:

The plastics kickback. Although eight million tons of plastic enters our oceans every year and only 14 percent of plastic is actually recycled, we continue to produce and throw away vast amounts of plastic every day with no real change in sight. Some consumers, governments and businesses are waking up to the consequences of this throw-away culture, and many have taken bold steps to reduce the amount of plastic that is generated and disposed, but fundamental change will require structural shifts and changing mindsets in ways yet to be seen or even contemplated-even for those of us who are sympathetic to the cause.

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New military council leader promises civilian government for Sudan

It's estimated that there are about 1.9 million Christians in Sudan of a population of 41.5 million. With limited rights under the regime of al-Bashir, Open Doors' World Watch List reported this year that they have faced "constant pressure and discrimination" in the past few years with numerous worship buildings demolished and the arrest and intimidation of many Christian leaders. Christians who have converted from Islam are particularly targeted for persecution. The World Council of Churches has called for restraint and for military authorities to refrain from violence in the aftemath of the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir."

Khartoum, Apr. 15.– The new head of Sudan's military council said on Saturday a civilian government would be formed after consultations with the opposition and promised the transition period would last for a Sudanese military officers joins demonstrators as they celebrate after the Defence Minister Awad Ibn Auf stepped down as head of the country's transitional ruling military councilSudanese military officers joins demonstrators as they celebrate after the Defence Minister Awad Ibn Auf stepped down as head of the country's transitional ruling military councilmaximum of two years.

Protesters, however, kept up the pressure for rapid change following the overthrow of long-ruling autocrat President Omar al-Bashir on Thursday.

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