Greece and Macedonia reached an agreement on the disputed name

Athens, June 12 (– Greece and Macedonia have reached an agreement to resolve the dispute over the controversial name of Macedonia. This was stated by Alexei The Rep. of Macedonia and the Greek province of the same name in the BalkansTsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, according to the publication Ekathimerini .

"I have good news ... Once we have reached an agreement with the prime minister of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on the issue that has been holding our minds for many years. We have an agreement and I am happy because we have an agreement that covers all the conditions, established by the Greek side ", - he said at a briefing with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

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Former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, exceptional witness to war and success, turns 100

Tokyo, June 8.– It is somehow fitting in a country known for longevity that one of Japan's most prominent former leaders reached 100 years of age last May. 

Former Japan's Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone

As a World War II naval officer, Yasuhiro Nakasone witnessed the depths of his country's utter defeat and devastation. Four decades later he presided over Japan in the 1980s at the pinnacle of its economic success. In recent years, he has lobbied for revision of the war-renouncing, U.S.-drafted Constitution, a longtime cause that neither he nor any successor has achieved to date.

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NATO carries out combat capacity along the border with Russia

NATO is about to significantly increase its combat capacity along the border with Russia. By 2020, 30 battalions of land forces, 30 combat ships and 30 squadrons of aircraft must be on site within 30 days to strengthen the troops already in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In terms of land forces alone, this means 18 to 30,000 men.

 Brussels, June 6.– Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expects NATO Ministers of Defense to approve the 'Nato readiness initiative' initiated by America tomorrow (literally: readiness initiative). From the outset, it was the intention that the troops that are more or less semipermanent along the eastern NATO border, can quickly help in case of emergency.

As far as the NATO headquarters are concerned, two other decisions are included: a faster decision-making structure and greater mobility, especially for land forces and their equipment.

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Justice for victims of Malaysian flight MH17 demands the ultimate joint effort

How an online purchase helped find the Russian blamed for downing MH17 

 May 30 (by Jerry Skinner).– I am on an airplane at 35,045 feet above the Atlantic. I am returning from Amsterdam to my home in the US. But my heart is still with my clients in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and today most of all in the Netherlands.

Just before I left, the Joint Investigative Task-Force for MH17 made the bravest, most critical decision made by a nation state in the history of the sordid tale of Malaysian Airlines flight, MH17. The Dutch-led criminal investigation held a press conference and true to their real and powerful drive for justice they declared a truth that many have been waiting almost four years to hear.

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ZIMBABWE: Mugabe a no-show at hearing on corruption

New date set for parliamentary probe into corruption in diamond industry.

After white minority rule was dismantled in 1979/1980, Mugabe became a dictator and ruled for 37 years.  Robert Mugabe faces justice at last

May 24.– Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe failed to turn up yesterday for a parliamentary hearing where he was due to give evidence on corruption in the diamond mining industry.

The 94-year-old, who is in frail health, had been summoned to a session at 9am, but when he did not show up, legislators rescheduled the session for Monday.

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