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Nicolás Maduro, the lacrador who invited Black Lives Matters to the São Paulo Forum

June 16.– American socialists, longtime supporters of the ruthless Venezuelan dictatorship, appear to Nicolás Maduro at the São Paulo Forumbe helping the Maduro regime add feminism and LGTBQ+ themes to its long list of Marxist causes, in the hope that the dictatorship will fall into thanks to the Biden-Harris administration.

Whether the strategy is really helping Caracas is another matter. Yes, it is true that the US government has recently approached the regime of Nicolás Maduro, making several concessions, but the official discourse still says that the current talks between Washington and Caracas are aimed at removing Maduro from the influence of Vladimir Putin and increasing the oil production in Venezuela to help the government contain the rise in fuel prices. Nonsense.

The Biden-Harris administration has struggled to appease the far left of the Democratic Party, a wing that is not turning its back on the efforts of the Democratic Socialists of America (SDA) in use the Maduro dictatorship as a showcase for the causes used by the US left to promote a deeper revolutionary struggle.

Just look at how the leftist-oriented DSA and Code Pink are organizing a tour of eight of the most important US cities, including Washington, DC, taking with them Venezuelan feminists sent by the Maduro regime to say that the sanctions imposed by the United States harm Venezuelan women. Venezuelan exiles are organizing demonstrations against these women, who obviously should be arrested in the United States for having ties to narco-terrorists. But it is difficult for that to happen.

And over the last year ...

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