In ‘message,’ IDF said to fire missiles at radar defense for secret Iran nuclear site

US reports say missiles fired from outside Iranian airspace hit air force base in Isfahan and not the nearby fortified Natanz atomic center; Iran insists only small drones used

An alleged Israeli strike in Iran overnight Thursday-Friday went beyond the scope of several small drones describedAnti-aircraft guns guarding Natanz Nuclear Facility by Tehran, US media reported later Friday. The strike reportedly included three missiles launched by Israeli Air Force warplanes that targeted an air defense radar site near Isfahan that was part of an array defending the nearby top-secret Natanz nuclear site.

The reports, first published by ABC, cited a US official as saying that the missiles were fired from outside of Iranian airspace.

According to the ABC report, the strike was “very limited.” It said that according to an initial assessment, the strike took out the radar site, but the assessment had not yet been completed.

The ABC report did not say if the missiles were in addition to the drones reported by Iran.

A New York Times report late on Friday, which also said Israeli planes fired the missiles, noted that the new information suggested that the Israel strike “included more advanced firepower than initial reports indicated.”

The Times said it was “not immediately clear the types of missiles used, from where they were fired, whether any were intercepted by Iran’s defenses or where they landed.”...


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