The Darfur genocide is being repeated


Cairo, Sept.3 (– In Sudan's Darfur, a months-long civil war has left civilians in a dire Darfur genocide 2023humanitarian crisis with harrowing reports of crimes against humanity, sexual violence, famine, and mass displacement.

20 years ago, government-backed Arab “janjaweed” militiamen — “devils on horseback,” as some translate the name — embarked on a campaign of ethnic cleansing that killed 300,000 people and drove millions from their homes. In today's Sudan, a new campaign of ethnic cleansing is underway. The devils are now riding in trucks instead of on horses. They now call themselves the Rapid Support Forces. But their atrocities are an ominous echo of the past.

This new campaign of ethnic cleansing is waged by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) against the African Masalit Tribe and other ethnic minorities. It is underway, echoing the Darfur genocide twenty years ago. A recent massacre in El Geneina resulted in the murder of over one thousand civilians who sought to escape the city after it was taken over by the RSF and its allied militias.

The violence is escalating fast, portending catastrophic losses in human lives,” stressed international human rights lawyer Yonah Diamond (GS’22).

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