Cuban takes Foreign and Interior Ministries to Court

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Geiser Leandro Conde Medina is suing the Cuban Ministries of interior and Foreign Affairs in a Demand, and a Special Civil Injunction filed on his behalf by Attorney Rigoberto Gonzalez Vigoa from the Law Inquire Team (Consultoria Juridico) located at Pinar del Rio (East of Cuba). The lawsuit and special civil injunction filed before the People Cuban Supreme Court in Havana City, on Thursday 17th, 2017 is alleging that both Ministries illegally disallowed Mr. Conde Medina to take a flight to Cuba. Regardless, that all his travel documentation were in order to travel in late 2015 to mourn, and participate in his dead brother’s funeral.

“Both State Agencies illegally caused economy, and mental health damages beyond repair to their client.” Affirmed, in their expert opinion, the seven Attorneys representing Mr. Conde Medina in the lawsuit, and the special civil injunction.

The Attorneys working in the case have expressed this civil litigation is the first step of what could became a class action lawsuit to allow all Cubans who have suffered same abuses, and any third parties interested to support Cuban peoples struggles to fulfill their rights as Cuban citizens. This is a special collaboration between Attorneys working for the Law Inquire Team inside Cuba, and others Attorneys working at an International Human Rights Group located at Puerto Rico, and Cuban Attorneys at large in exile.

Mr. Conde’s attorneys announced that the Special Civil Injunction is asking the Cuban Supreme Court to grant a public hearing aimed to litigate issues as the necessity to reduce passport’s prices, and the opening of 136 Cuban Consulates around the word to allow Cuban to vote in the upcoming 2018 national elections. Moreover, the Special Civil Injunction is demanding that both Ministries stop their illegal practice of asking for an extra permit to enter their country added to the cost of passports, and by reducing the cost of passports to help the poorest among Cubans.

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