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THE GREEK CRISIS 13 Jul 2015 23:38 #8840



It realy strikes me to see how the greek popular masses get once more-- misguided by those whose only real struggle is not for the people but for themselves -- when in search of a way to satisfy their quest for social revenge against those who have achieved success economically speaking.

Their hypocrite quest for "social justice" is the mask behind which they hide their bitterness, envies, jealousies and frustrations in their own lives.

There is nothing idealistic bore in their fake slogans, their dictatorial ideology which propose the controls -- by an elite -- of the population against the huge majority or popular masses.

It is easy to see and conclude why Greece is in such an Economic mess, if we are aware, and informed or cared to get informed on daily world affaires.

Trouble began when the European Union admitted Greece as a new member and began doling out Euros to back up and help that country's Economy.

But what most people don't realize is the fact that the greek successive governments have been very much incline to the left and legislating new laws and regulations that were very much incompatible with the rest of the European nations where discipline, hard work and individual austerity has always been a way of life thus granting to the greek population a set of laws that demanded an excessive amount of money to be kept and substainable.

Such laws, as for example the one for retirement, allowed people at 50 of age to retire and many more of these " social laws" were in excess of the means of the Greek state coffers.

For more attrition against the State Finances, there is a culture in Greece with a long tradition where TAXES are not in the greeks habitudes , practically nobody pys heir taxes and bribes are a common practice.

Thus corruption in one side, lack of conscience in respect to their citizen's duties on the other, the very same greek people have work aginst themselves while leisuring and enjoying the good life they can't afford.

all that while in europe, specially in Germany, the people, the workers and all the social classes pay their taxes, duties, and work hard and observe a way of life that is determined by discipline, order, organization and patiotism. a far cry from what the greeks do.

The examples of Germany or Scandinavia have not been a role model for the nations in the South of Europe. Neither Greece, Italy, Spain nor Portugal have any possible comparison with those hard working and disciplined nations to the North, where the Economies and their financial clout have provided them with comfortable saving cushions.

Those are nations where people do not expend more than what they earn and carry on a much more austere way of life and hard work.

The socialists in any of those nations in the south fo Europe has neither not bring up the better standards of living nor delivered any social equality whatsoever.

It is just the fake, the deceiving image and demagoguery used by the leftists "politicians" if one can called revengeful, resentful, envious and frustrated or their own lives those who acceded to become involved in politics.

The examples are all there , clear and loud for whomever wish to look at them. Greece is the latest and most serious case. But not long ago
Spain was and maybe is still enduring a high rate of unemployment, over 20 % of the laborer mass.

Portugal is about the same, France inder a socialist like Francois Hollande has clearly demonstrated the incapacity to carry on those leftists agendas and to implement their socialists laws.The fact have been a total rejection to Hollande in France,even from those disappointed leftist voters. Farmers, workers and the rich all have protested against the unpopular measures y PM Hollande.

The worst of the worse is when we look at the Latin American
socialists in power.

Accused of corruption from the Rio Grande to the Patagonia and without any exception, all those governments or dictatorships show us their dirty, corrupted and repressive or anti-democratic means to stay in power and live exactly or even ten times better than those they used to denounce,criticize and demonize as the capitalist,bourgeois and exploiters of the workers.

You dear reader, go and find out what that Brazilian President,
Dilma Rousseff has been doing while in power, next find out how that other corrupt Cristina Kirchner in Argentine was elected after her president husband died. And how much people's money has gone to her private accounts.

But the corruption didn't stop at the brazilian and argentinian, the dilapidated or depleted venezuelan coffers is the top of the execrable of these examples if you consider the huge amount of venezuelan natural resources like Oil , for instance, and that not far ago the prices of Oil were record high, you would be able to see clearly the amount of corruption and mismanagement of those funds.

Those who rule Venezuela today, at any rate , are not even venezuelans but Castro's agents that practically control that puppet government.

Now if you look to the gulag that the "socialists" Castros bros. have converted Cuba into and from which over two millions have fled and still hundreds of thousands wish to do the same, you should be asking yourselves questions of why cubans risk their own lives, those of their own children, wives, mothers grand parents to flee from that "socialist" paradise as the leftists CAN NO LONGER with a straight face put as an example of "socialism" .

A country from which the people are desperate to get out is by no means a paradise. Not even the poorest in Haiti wish to stop and get refuge in Castro's gulag. They prefer to take the longest trip of 1300 kilometers to Florida than the short one only 70 kilometers or so to Castro's "paradise'.

Curious as it can be, the leftists around the world never
denounce the atrocities, the crimes committed by the Castros in
Cuba and in several other nations where they have been present
with 100 of thousands of troops.

Neither will they denounce the hypocrisy of the Castros who enjoy the lives of the richest in the world.

Just recently a report showed one of the many instances or examples of the luxurious and hyper-bourgeois life styles of the younger Castros.

A report showed the huge and one of the most luxurious yatchs in the world in a Turkey's port that is property of one of Castro's sons.

Where did he work to get money to pay for such a luxurious yacht?
You in the left , answer please!
by Peter Martori
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