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30 Abr 2021 22:01 #11600

Chilton Williamson Jr.

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The Biden governmenthas just made its first good move, and it took only 83 days in office to do it.

Yesterday the President  announced that he will remove all 3500 American troops from Afghanistan by September 11th, thus scoring one on former President Trump who had planned to have them out of that useless and barbaric hellhole by May the first and bringing the longest war in American history to an end. Should the thing actually happen, September the Eleventh should be declared a second  Independence Day on which the United States celebrates a start toward declaring her independence from the rest of the madding world, the Third one in particular.

Inevitably, Senator Jay Inhofe (R.-Oklahoma)  called Biden’s decision reckless, political, and “not conditions-based” and Sen. Lindsay Graham (R.-S.C.) charged that it would extend the war; while other government officials complained that withdrawing the soldiers would mean undoing advances made in improving governance in Afghanistan, including the promotion of the cause of women’s rights there. Assuming that the fact that approximately 50 percent of that country’s population is female had not  for the moment slipped the President’s retentive mind, it is nothing short of a minor miracle that Biden understands that women’s rights beyond the boundaries of American territory are neither Washington’s  business nor its responsibility. And we should all be grateful for miracles at this point, however minor. That was underlined this morning by the news.

The Vice-President Kamala, to whom President Biden recently entrusted the current “challenge” on the Southwest border, travels to Mexico and Guatemala, though overflying the borderlands themselves. The omission is entirely understandable, since neither the President nor the Vice-President seems  interested in the chaotic violence occurring there but rather in the “root causes” of the demographic invasion arriving from south of the border — in solving, that is, Mexico’s and Central America’s problems rather than America’s own innumerable and critical ones, including immigration, legal and illegal. So far, Biden’s past remarks on the subject suggest that he believes the way to fix those problems is to send billions of dollars south to rebuild, restructure, and bolster the region’s economies and to aid  the corrupt governments of Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and  Honduras in defeating the drug cartels and the street gangs that terrorize their people while reforming themselves into a social, economic, and political facsimile of England’s former thirteen North American colonies. But this is to make a simple situation needlessly complicated.

President Biden has said he will remove 3500 American soldiers from Central Asia next September eleventh. To ensure his Vice-President’s success with her Banana Diplomacy all he need do is redeploy them immediately to Central America, where they might have a fair chance in accomplishing their mission in a short ten years rather than in twenty.
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