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Stop "Woke" ideologues who are capturing the Publishing Industry and censoring intellectual property 19 Mar 2023 19:35 #12746

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The turnaround that US politics has taken in the last 10 years is truly astonishing, not only because of the abysmal division between two main political forces that distances the country from the democratic consensus and plunges it into a harsh dictatorship of the majority but also because of the disastrous dictatorial trend of censorship and exclusion that is increasingly evident and that is being imposed in educational centers and even in literature and the media.

We are witnessing a terrible intellectual repression such as the one predicted since the last century by authors as famous as George Orwell and Ray Bradbury in "1984" and "Fahrenheit 451" respectively.

Roald Dahl was a renowned author of children's books that are now adulterated, removing words like "fat", "black," or "white" from his narrative, even out of context when these last two words refer to a tractor and a sheet of paper in the book. But they do not limit themselves to eradicating words that the censors consider "offensive" but replace others to their liking, such as "boys" and "girls" for "children", "mothers" and "fathers" for "parents", trying to eradicate all natural sexual identification.

Classic books are not free from this harmful censorship either. In "Huckleberry Finn" the new editions replace the word "negro" with "slave" and gender roles are manipulated in the narrative. Other books like Dr. Seuss's have seen their new editions suspended. And so we can continue citing examples of censorship that have no other justification than the intention of a new cultural indoctrination.

Some publishers, like Penguin Random House (and others) are resisting this intellectual pressure and keep publishing their books in their original context, but freedom is losing its battle as the authorities quietly condone this trend.

“Fahrenheit’s” opening line is: “It was a pleasure to burn.” Anyone who spends time on Twitter or Facebook will quickly see that "woke culture" warriors enjoy humiliating and shaming those who have been selected for cancellation. They fail to recognize the rights of their victims —even dead writers— to their intellectual and artistic creations. In the same way that Bradbury's firemen viewed the books they burned and the "wrongthinkers" of the past: “... you weren’t hurting anyone, you were hurting only things! … you were simply cleaning up. Janitorial work, essentially.
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