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The Children's Migration 19 Mar 2021 19:49 #11577

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As has commonly been the case with American politics since 1945, in the dispute over the present crisis at the border Democrats and Republicans are starting from the same premises to arrive at opposite conclusions, and solutions. Those on both sides are liberal premises– yet another instance of how liberals and liberalism have set the terms of political debate for the past three-quarters of a century.
The Republicans claim that the chaos at the Southwest border caused by the Biden administration’s effective public invitation to migrants from the south and elsewhere to step across the international line and into “reception” centers specially established to greet and process them reaches the level of “crisis;” a word the Democrats, preferring to speak instead of a “problem” they are working to resolve, defiantly reject. Yet while differing over the most accurate noun to designate the situation,  members of both parties agree on what kind of crisis–or problem–the country is facing at this moment. It is a “humanitarian” one, they have decided. Similarly, they concur in identifying the people whose lives and welfare are at risk on the border. That is the migrant children who are crossing into the United States unaccompanied by their supposed parents who are somehow nowhere to be found in the confusion but must necessarily exist somewhere. (It seems reasonable to suppose that they are hovering close by, as it occurs to very few children to make a hazardous trip of a thousand or more miles through jungles and across swamps and mountains and deserts without adult support and assistance, but that is another matter.) So the nature of the present border crisis has been narrowed and refined. It is a children’s crisis the United States is facing, the asserted victims of which are vulnerable, defenseless, confused, and frightened minors. America is being invaded by harmless youngsters,  even babes-in-arms. They must all be rescued; and how else to do it than by gathering them into those new reception centers, feeding and clothing them until adoptive parents can be found in the interior of the country, and releasing them into their custody, or that of relatives already present (legally or not) in the United States. How could so simple a solution to the existing situation amount either to a “crisis” or even a “big problem”?  The answer lies in the facts that everyone who is paying attention already knows, but that Democrats and liberals are too dishonest, and most Republicans and even conservatives too cowed and too cowardly, to mention.
The vast majority of this Children’s Migration is not, quite obviously, spontaneous.  It is carefully orchestrated by international advocates of open borders (at least for the United States), people smugglers, drug smugglers, and the Mexican drug cartels, and exploited by members of inhumanly vicious gangs from Central America,  the best known and most feared of them M-13. Representatives of these groups will follow in the wake of the Crusade into the United States, though not all of them expect to remain here but intend instead to cross back and forth between the U.S. and  Mexico in pursuit of their “business interests.” And after them will come further waves of invaders from the South and elsewhere in the Third World, no longer children only but single adults, most of them young, and entire families wanting what Democrats and the media describe as a “better life” in America; though the reality is that—whether with conscious intention or not—they come to despoil the American people of their wealth, their jobs, their profits, their  services, their land and their natural resources, their culture, their history, and–in time–their institutions and their government. Yet not even Republican Party brass will say as much. The Stupid Party is much more than just stupid.

The victims in this new immigration crisis are not the children of foreigners. They are the citizens of this country, the United States of America. If tears are  to be shed and pity expended for anyone in this outrageous situation, it should be for them–for ourselves.
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