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The Greatest Reset 15 Dic 2020 22:20 #11524

  • Chilton Williamson Jr.
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According to Justin Haskins, the editorial director of the Heartland Institute, in a recent article published at The Hill, John Kerry, the Climate Envoy-designate for President-elect Biden, confirmed at a meeting of the World Economic Forum last month that the incoming administration will support the so-called Great Reset, the most ambitious international project since Noah, his family, and his floating menagerie disembarked from the Ark after the flood waters receded to begin life on Earth all over again, in a concerted effort to get the thing right this time. This revolutionary new program, which makes the Great Transformation of the 19th and 20th centuries as described by Karl Polanyi in his eponymous book look like a civilizational facelift, was described seven months ago by Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, as a heroic response to what he considers the critical need for the world to “act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country,” Schwab said, “from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil to gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of  capitalism.” Asked by a participant in the November meeting if it were too much to expect that President Biden would begin to implement the Reset on January 20, 2021, Kerry replied reassuringly: “No, you’re not expecting too much….I think it will happen with greater speed and intensity than a lot of people might imagine. In effect, the citizens of the United States have just done a Great Reset….And it was a record level of voting.”

The Climate Envoy-designate did not mention that the immediate object of the Great Reset, President Donald Trump, received a record number of those votes himself. Nor did he note, in his vast and overwhelming enthusiasm, that the proposed reset of capitalism would turn capitalism into its opposite, socialism–or worse. “The important thing,” Mr. Kerry rhapsodized, is that “we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.”… Yes, indeed: What fun the Great Reset will be for the Masters of the Universe, the eager architects of a brand new cosmos!

On the face of it, this enterprise would be the most sinister public undertaking since the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 70s. In point of fact it is the most fatuous, ludicrously grandiose, and derisory plan in the history of man,  the sole exception being the one invented by Hank Morgan in "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court"—and that was fiction! For those people who have not read the novel by Mark Twain,  the Yankee —an arms manufacturer in Hartford— is struck a blow on the side of the head that knocks him cold, and from which he recovers to awaken under an oak tree in sixth-century England. In recognition of his Yankee cunning, expertise, ingenuity, and progressive spirit, King Arthur confers upon him the title of The Boss and entrusts him with the transformation of early medieval England into a facsimile and preview of late-19th century industrial America—with results that are wholly predictable. The effort climaxes as a duel between the modern magician and Merlin, his jealous and resentful predecessor, both of whom come a cropper in the end.

Our own 21st-century magicians propose to transform more than England; they have the entire world —every people, culture, and nation— in their sights. In their enflamed minds, they fancy that the Covid epidemic and the asserted climatic collapse provide the ideal opportunity for them to work their spells unhindered by the democratic opposition. Never let a crisis go to waste, as the saying goes—especially when the crisis is an invented one. The goals of liberalism have always been delusory; those contemplated by the Great Resetters among the revolutionary plutocratic elite are actually insane—like their propagators, who are as crazy as they are comical.

In early modern Europe —as late as the 18th century, in fact— visiting the nearest insane asylum on a Sunday afternoon to observe the frenzied antics and incomprehensible gibberish of the inmates was a common amusement. In those days it was necessary to make the effort required to walk, ride, or be driven to the nearest booby hatch. Today, one need only switch on the evening news or surf the internet to follow the lunar phases of our public lunatics, all of them walking about free and given every platform they could wish for to display the progress of their disease. Well–leave them to it; their international conferences, their television interviews, their public posturings, their op-eds in the newspapers, their solemn presentations on the world stage, their pompous addresses to the United Nations, and all the rest of it. They are as harmless as they are mad; their absorption with their megalomaniacal fantasies serving to distract them from tackling real issues and inventing supposed solutions in practical matters where they could be counted on to do real damage. It all amounts solely to childrens’ play among the great and the good—extremely costly play, of course,  to those who pay for it, which is mainly themselves–whose only conceivable result will be further and angrier uprisings among the sane, sober, practical, and hardworking part of the global populations nowadays known as populists. Mr. Haskins concludes that Mssrs Biden, Kerry, and the administration of which they will be a part intend to impose the Great(est) Reset on the United States. If they are successful, he warns, “the country will never be the same.” He’s right, it wouldn’t be. But they won’t, because they can’t be. Meanwhile, the rest of us can sit back and enjoy the spectacle of All The Emperors Without Clothes.

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