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Turning the Tables on Russia Disinformation in Ukraine

A conversation with Jakub Kalensky, Senior analyst at the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats. John Glenn, senior director of the International Forum for Democratic Studies, and Adam Fivenson, a senior program officer at the International Forum focusing on information space integrity, cohost the conversation.

Putin disinformation in UkraineLike other autocratic actors, the Kremlin deploys disinformation to confuse the public, attract allies, escape accountability, and strengthen its hold on power.

Yet a documented intensification of disinformation operations around the invasion of Ukraine has failed to sway Ukrainians, whose overwhelming support for self-determination has only risen since the full-scale invasion began.

Jacub Kalenský discusses Ukrainian resilience against Russian disinformation and his ideas for how defenders of democracy around the world can retake the initiative in the information space.

[ Audio: full conversation with Jacub Kalensky ]

Former President Donald Trump's tax returns made public by order of congressional Committee

The records reveal information that was not previously known, including loans he gave to his kids, earnings from book royalties and Melania's modeling work, and the percentage of his presidential salary that was donated to charitable causes.

House Committee on Ways and Means

 Washington, DC, Dec.30 (– Six years' worth of former president Donald Trump and his wife Melania's combined tax returns were disclosed last Friday by the Democrat-controlled House Ways and Means Committee.

Trump fought for years to prevent his returns from being released to the public, but the Supreme Court in November declined to block the release to the Democratic-led committee.

The House committee examined six years of Trump’s personal returns, as well as those of eight of his businesses. While the committee earlier published a report and some documents that revealed details about the Trumps’ income and taxes paid, the panel on Dec. 30 made the full set of tax documents public. However, according to the law and to IRS regulations they may be released by court order to investigators but not to the public at large.

In order to address the current violation of these privacy laws and regulations, the House approved a measure that would codify the mandatory presidential audit policy into law with stricter requirements, such as "disclosure of certain audit information and related returns in a timely manner," and a requirement that the IRS issue an initial report within 90 days following the submission of a president's tax returns.

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El Parlamento Europeo destituye a la vicepresidenta Eva Kaili, acusada de aceptar sobornos de Qatar

Eva KailiLa decisión de despojar del cargo de vicepresidenta a Eva Kaili ha sido aprobada con 625 votos a favor de los 628 emitidos.

La socialista griega Eva Kaili, estrella de la Eurocámara, tenía bolsas de billetes en casa que contenían más de 600.000 euros.

Bruselas, Dic. 13.– El pleno del Parlamento Europeo ha aprobado este martes la destitución como vicepresidenta de la Cámara de la socialista griega Eva Kaili, detenida en Bélgica por su presunta implicación en una trama de corrupción que implica el pago de sobornos por parte de Qatar para ganar influencia en la toma de decisiones políticas y económicas en la institución europea.

La medida ha sido respaldada por una amplísima mayoría de los eurodiputados en el pleno de Estrasburgo (Francia), en donde la decisión de despojar del cargo de vicepresidenta a Kaili ha sido aprobado con 625 votos a favor de los 628 expresados, con sólo un voto en contra y dos abstenciones.

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Aumenta la pobreza en Argentina a niveles sin precedentes

Los nuevos pobres son de “clases trabajadoras de sectores medios y populares, vulnerables a las crisis, a la falta de trabajo y a la inflación”, según un informe del Observatorio de la Deuda Social de la Universidad Católica (ODSA-UCA). “Son sectores de la clase media baja los que han pasado a conformar una nueva capa de nuevos pobres”, explica el informe.

La tasa de pobreza trepó a 43,1% y afecta a 17 millones de personas

  • La pobreza aumentó 15% en la última década como consecuencia de un deterioro general que incluye las condiciones económicas, sociales y laborales. En tanto, 8,5 millones son indigentes, lo que equivale a una tasa de 8,1%.

Pobreza en Argentina Buenos Aires, Dec.6.– La tasa de pobreza trepó al 43,1% y afecta a 17 millones de personas, según informe del Observatorio de la Deuda Social de la Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).

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Open Government Partnership (OGP) is growing in Georgia's Caucasus region

Akhaltsikhe, Ozurgeti and Khoni municipalities have been selected as members of the Open Government Partnership Local Program (OGP Local).

The Partnership launched a special program to support local governments in 2016. Tbilisi City Hall joined the program in 2016 and is still actively participating. The capital was among the first 15 self-governing cities to have been selected from 45 candidates worldwide.

Georgia's western regionGeorgia's western region


Participatory Democracy is gaining momentum in Georgia as this Caucasian country aspires to join the EU

Tbilisi, Nov. 30 (– By joining the OGP, the municipalities of Akhaltsikhe, Ozurgeti and Khoni have committed to the global movement to promote the principles of open governance at the local level in various ways. The municipalities participating in the program will have the opportunity to collaborate with representatives from different countries, share their knowledge and experience and introduce innovative solutions at the local level.

New members of the OGP Local Program were selected through a competition announced on May 26, 2020, consisting of two stages. Out of the 112 applications received, based on pre-defined criteria the selection committee selected 56 members composed of 64 local governments from 32 countries. This expansion, the largest in OGP history, comes at a critical moment as cities and local communities are at the forefront of efforts to respond to COVID-19 crisis.

The selected municipalities are distinguished by innovative initiatives in the field of open government and successful cooperation with the civil society.

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