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Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

Direct democracy is one of the mechanisms of participatory democracy, through the ability to draft and present legislative initiatives, the calling of plebiscites and referendums, community or town meetings allowing citizens to participate in decision makings and other means of active participation in government decisions.

The Forum on Modern Direct Democracy calls to celebrate online meetings via Zoom

  • The proceeding of this Forum will take place from 21 – 30 September 2020 on Zoom.

September 10 (– The world's largest gathering devoted to issues of direct democracy and citizens' participation, this year will take place in cyberspace. Some of the main topics to be discussed are:

1: Swiss Direct Democracy in Practice

Switzerland is not only the host of the 2021 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, it is also one of the most advanced direct democracies in the world. How does it work in practice? What can we learn from the Swiss example? What can Switzerland learn from the rest of the world?

2: Climate, Sustainability and Direct Democracy

The Climate Crisis is one of the greatest challenges we collectively face today. Around the world, people have taken to the streets to demand swift action, but in many countries governments have failed to follow suit. How can citizens use direct democracy tools to call for and even enforce stronger action to save our climate and to protect our environment?

3: Future of Democracy

In an increasingly interconnected world, our democracy needs to follow suit. New, innovative democratic tools are being developed from the local level to the global level. In this track we look at new democracy tools and initiatives.

4: Democracy in Crisis

The Corona virus has posed a truly global challenge that not only impacts our daily lives, but also our democratic rights. At the same time, citizens everywhere are increasingly demanding for a bigger role in decision-making. What have been the effects of the pandemic crisis and how can we move forward?

At the evening meeting on 22 September, the Forum will pose a very pertinent question to the international community, to be analyzed by an international panel: Can a World Citizens' Initiative help strenghten the UN? The European community is successfully developing a Citizens' Initiatives procedure whereby peoples are directly influencing continental decisions. Why not at the level of the United Nations?

At the Closing Session on 30 September, the Forum will tackle the question: Should Global Democracy Become More Direct?

Readers may consult the whole program HERE.

This Forum is open to all and free to attend and whoever has interest in participating may register HERE.  

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