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Bilderberg 2010: global recession and other agenda items

"Bilderberg Club" annual metings provoke a lot of speculation but the real agenda and goals remain mostly a secret among some 150 World personalities.  The following is just one among many speculative press reports.  However, it is something we all need to be aware of.  Lets hope that some relevant and promising information may emerge from the Dolce Sitges Hotel (photo)
Dolce Sitges Hotel

Sitges, June 3.─ This year’s confab will focus around prolonging the global financial recession and creating more economic woe in order to provide the pretext for more regulation in pursuit of world economic governance, according to Jim Tucker’s sources.

“Bilderberg hopes to keep the global recession going for at least a year, according to an international financial consultant who deals personally with many of them. This is because, among several reasons, BILDERBERG STILL HOPES TO CREATE A GLOBAL 'TREASURY DEPARTMENT' UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS. Bilderberg first undertook this mission at its meeting last spring in Greece, but the effort was blocked by nationalists in Europe and the United States. 'Nationalists' (a dirty word in Bilderberg) objected to surrendering sovereignty to the UN,” writes Tucker.

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