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Democracy & Christian thought

Contrary to what is usually reflected in the mass media, Christian thought has been Alexis de Tocquevillehighly relevant in the evolution from absolutism to democracy and its eventual struggle against totalitarianism. Alexis de Tocqueville in the 19th Century and Jacques Maritain in the 20th Century, through Leo XIII from the Holy See and the resulting Church Social Doctrine are notable exponents of the relevance of Christian teachings and their influence on democratic ideas. The following article offers an excellent analysis of this topic. 

Frenchmen in America: How Alexis de Tocqueville and Jacques Maritain Discovered America

Jacques Maritain(...)

At first glance, Alexis de Tocqueville and Jacques Maritain would appear to have little in common. An aristocrat from one of France’s oldest families, Tocqueville had many doubts about the truth claims of Christianity, though we have good reason to believe that he returned to the Catholic faith on his deathbed. Tocqueville also wrote very much as what we would call political sociologist, even a type of political scientist. Though obviously familiar with Christian sources and thought – indeed, he never stopped attending Mass – it’s clear that he was as much influenced by reading Rousseau, Voltaire, and especially Montesquieu as he was by reading Augustine.

By contrast, our second figure, Jacques Maritain, was raised as a Protestant. For a time, he was an agnostic before converting to Catholicism in 1906. Aristotle and Aquinas were Maritain’s lodestones, and his thought forms part of that great revival of Thomas Aquinas’ thought occasioned by Leo XIII’s 1879 encyclical Aeterni Patris. A fierce critic of Voltaire and even more so of Rousseau, Maritain authored over 60 books, which focused on subjects ranging from metaphysics to the nature and role of the state. Maritain was also viewed as a type of representative of 20th century Catholic intellectuals. It was not a coincidence that Pope Paul VI presented his “Message to Men of Thought and of Science” at the end of Vatican II to Maritain.

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Why Russian expansionism failed in Moldova

Russian meddling failed in Moldova and their annexation did not crystallize thanks to Ukraine's independence creating a buffer zone between this small country and their powerful Eastern neighbor. Nevertheless, an artificial geographic belt baptized as Transdniester Republic was snatched from the moldovans and is controlled by Russia since 1992, well before the Russian anexation of Crimea.  Moldova and Trandsniester

Republic of Moldova: Transition from communism to democracy

Chişinău, May 16.– The Moldovan Democratic Republic was established in 1917, but was incorporated by the Kingdom of Romania in 1918. After the Second World War, the country was part of the Soviet Union. In 1990, the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic proclaimed its independence from Moldova, because they wanted to remain in the Soviet Union and feared a reunification with Romania. It was neither recognised by Moscow or Chişinău.

Moldova became itself independent in 1991. Since then, and until 2009, Moldova was under a more or less disguised communist government. On the 5th of April 2009, the Communist Party won the parliamentary elections with 60 seats out of a possible 101. It became contested after people claimed that there had been some manipulation with the votes and their counting. The electoral campaign was marked by numerous accusations against the Communists (harassment of opposition political parties, misuse of administrative funds, and interference in the editorial policy of public mass media).

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EEUU: Policía de Inmigración pone más presión a empleadores de trabajadores ilegales

En su sitio oficial de la WEB, US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE):  

prioritizes violators who abuse and exploit their workers, aid in the smuggling or trafficking of their alien workforce into the United States, create false identity documents or facilitate document fraud, or create an entire business model using an unauthorized workforce [...] Further priority is given to looking closely at those companies or industries that are deemed national security or critical infrastructure interests. 

Aumentan inspecciones de contrataciones de trabajadores en Estados Unidos

Arrecian las auditorías a empresas para asegurarse que no estén explotando a su personal, o pagando salarios de miseria, o empleando niños u otras personas sin permiso para trabajar legalmente en el país

Washington DC, Mayo 14.– Las autoridades de Estados Unidos han aumentado las auditorías a compañías para revisar si sus empleados están autorizados a trabajar en el país, señal de que la campaña del gobierno del presidente Donald Trump contra la inmigración ilegal está llegando a los lugares de trabajo para crear una “cultura de cumplimiento” entre los empleadores que dependen del trabajo de los inmigrantes.

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North Korea, Iran and the real nuclear threat

As the United States seeks to eliminate nuclear weapons from North Korea, our cover this week looks at how arms control is unravelling. President Donald Trump is poised to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal. The limits on the nuclear arsenals of Russia and America are set to lapse by 2021, leaving them unconstrained for the first time in almost half a century. The chances are increasing that nuclear weapons will spread and that someone, somewhere will miscalculate.

Despite North Korea, arms control is unravelling

Complacent, reckless leaders have forgotten how valuable it is to restrain nuclear weapons


May 3.– Rarely do optimism and North Korea belong in the same breath. However, the smiles and pageantry in April’s encounter between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in, leaders of the two Koreas, hinted at a deal in which the North would abandon nuclear weapons in exchange for a security guarantee from the world, and in particular America. Sadly, much as this newspaper wishes for a nuclear-free North Korea, a lasting deal remains as remote as the summit of Mount Paektu. The Kims are serial cheats and nuclear weapons are central to their grip on power (see article). Moreover, even as optimists focus on Korea, nuclear restraints elsewhere are unravelling.


By May 12th President Donald Trump must decide the fate of the deal struck in 2015 to curb Iran’s nuclear programme. 

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NICARAGUA: «¡Levántense todos, también los muertos!»,

Ese es el nuevo grito de guerra, lanzado desde las páginas de la Revista Confidencial por el octogenario cura guerrillero Ernesto Cardenal, antiguo Ministro de la Cultura bajo el régimen de Daniel Ortega y notable promotor de la desviacionista teología de liberación, que ha dividido la Iglesia católica desde el Concilio Vaticano II con una interpretación seudo marxista de la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia. Este viraje frente a las crueles y desasrosamente ineficaces dictaduras del mal llamado Socialismo del Siglo XXI, se proyecta también a la reacción de otra antigua guerrillera sandinista, Mónica Baltodano, quien hasta hace pocos años era diputada en la Asamblea Nacional al frente de un movimiento disidente del sandinismo pero promotor de las mismas ideas que llevaron a Daniel Ortega al poder originalmente.

Mónica Baltodano La Nicaragua sublevada – La política que desembocó en el estallido social

Respuestas de Monica Baltodano a la entrevista realizada para Informationsbüro Nicaragua

Mónica Baltodano es una guerrillera, revolucionaria y política nicaragüense que participó de manera destacada durante la etapa insurreccional de la ofensiva final de 1978-1979 contra la dictadura somocista. Actualmente es dirigente del disidente Movimiento por el Rescate del Sandinismo (MRS) y fue diputada para el periodo 2007-2011 en la Asamblea Nacional de Nicaragua.

A continuación publicamos la siguiente entrevista realizada por Informationsbüro Nicaragua y publicada en la página Rebelión:

P. La reforma fue el cerillo que encendió la mecha de un coctel, lanzado sobre una pradera que se venía resecando desde hace varios años: ¿La reforma sola fue "la gota" que dejó explotar toda la crítica y protesta de los últimos años y contra otros problemas recientes (p ej. Incendio en la Reserva biológica Indio Maíz )?

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