Participatory Democracy in Local Government, an Irish perspective

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Community Workers Co-operative & Local Government Reform

A Community Workers Co-operative had been an issue of local government reform for a number of years in Ireland. A Community Workers' Co-operative (CWC) was finally created aiming to promote and support community work as a means of addressing poverty, social exclusion and inequality and ultimately as a means of achieving social change that will contribute to the creation of a more just, sustainable and equal society.

The CWC published a report, no longer available in their WEB pages, "Participation Not Representation - Community Groups and Reformed Local Government", to be submitted at that time to the Advisory Committee on Local Government Reform and Reorganisation. It set out the deficiencies in the Irish system of local government from the perspective of community-based groups, presented principles which should inform any reform process and made practical recommendations for the active participation of community groups in development at the local level. This document identified a number of key principles upon which local government reform should be based.

These included:


Why is Local Government Reform an Issue for the Community Sector?

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