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Child abuse cases in Singapore continue to rise after hitting decade-high in 2020

  • There was a sharp spike in the number of child abuse cases investigated by the authorities in 2021.
  • Child sexual abuse cases also jumped 70% from 261 cases investigated in 2020 to 443 cases in 2021 - an 11-year high. Child sexual abuse

Singapore, Apr.11.– This follows the rise in 2020, which had the highest number of cases in a decade, according to data from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

The MSF's Child Protective Service (CPS) investigated 2,141 cases of abuse in 2021, 63 per cent more than the 1,313 cases in 2020.

Neglect cases numbering 910 made up the bulk of the investigations in 2021, and saw the sharpest rise from 2020, more than doubling from 375 cases that year.

Cases of neglect include those where children were poorly supervised or had experienced emotional abuse or medical neglect.

In a case investigated by CPS, four children were found to have no food or electricity at home ...

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