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Mexico's Tragic Chain: 133 journalists' lives lost

10 obituaries of journalists killed in Mexico in 2019. They are some of the 133 journalists who have been killed between 2000 and 2020.

Each one different, these are the lives of people committed to journalism at a time when this country became a battleground. Their voices were silenced, but their legacies endure. This memorial is meant to honour them forever." To view all 133 obituaries, click HERE

Different, strong campaigning voices, masters of their own writing. The following are only 10 of the 133 journalists murdered in Mexico between 2000 and 2020. These are those who died in 2019.

The deaths are incomparable because each death was caused by a different enemy, in different areas in different years. But they are similar because these are all individuals who led the way in the noble goal of reporting.

Their precariousness of their position never stopped them from travelling to the remote mountains or to the underworld of the mafia. Often, they became entrepreneurs in order to have a way to publish or to present news. Others combined journalism with other trades to earn a decent income. Once gone, they left behind coverage of politics, drug trafficking, theft of public money, poverty, dispossession of the land of indigenous peoples, and the ruin of beaches, forests, and jungles.

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