Artist Danilo "El Sexto" freed again after 57 days detention in Cuba

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Havana, Jan.31 (─ Artist Danilo "El Sexto" Maldonado, 32, was imprisoned the day after Fidel Castro died (Nov. 25) for having spray-painted “Se fue” (He’s gone) on a wall in front of the Habana Libre Hotel. He was released “without charges” on Saturday, Jan. 21, after 57 days detention without trial. In Cuba, any criticism of the country’s leaders is strictly prohibited.

In 2015 he had landed in prison for 10 months charged with "desacato" because he had carved and painted two pigs with the names of the two main revolutionary leaders, "Raúl" and "Fidel".

Both offenses should only be punishable by a fine according to Cuban law.

“El Sexto” was released this time from El Combinado del Este prison after enduring psychological and physical torture during his 57 days of detainment. Cuban authorities arrested El Sexto after he graffitied “Se fue” (he’s gone) on a public wall in reference to the passing of former Cuban President Fidel Castro. El Sexto is an outspoken critic of the Castro regime subjected to constant harassment. His initial detainment prompted two Cuban activists to enter their #FreeElSexto Libertad para Danilo song into the #SetThemFree song contest, sponsored by the World Movement for Democracy, which called for his release.