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Perspectivas / Perspectives

CHINA Insider: Human Right violations as a matter of policy

The journalist, Ken Yang, from The Epoch Times Taiwan, said that the CCP has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners for 21 years and that the CCP has committed the crime of forced organ harvesting. He asked, “would the Department of State step in and take specific actions to stop the forced organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist Party? [ Read more

A Ray of Hope

by Teresa You

Teresa YouWhen I was nine, my parents were arrested before my own eyes from our home in Beijing. They weren’t criminals: just Falun Gong practitioners.

My mother, a hospital worker, had just been looking for a spiritual practice, a way to live around her many illnesses. My father, a professor and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member, followed suit after he saw my mother’s improvement in health.

When I was younger, my mom would tell me stories about how people would commit suicide during the Cultural Revolution because they were so humiliated. And before that, how the landlords had all of their money taken away, simply because everyone had to be “the same.”

My parents used to tell me these stories about other people, but when the Falun Gong persecution began, it finally happened to them too—even though my dad was a Party member who taught communism, socialism, and Marxism in school.

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Diálogo Político publica amplio informe sobre los Derechos Humanos en Cuba



Pese a la reforma constitucional de 2018, los derechos

fundamentales siguen muy restringidos.

La reforma aprobada en 2018 dio mayor sustento a los derechos fundamentales en la Constitución cubana; un tenue rayo de esperanza para la población. Pero, en la práctica, los cubanos siguen sometidos a fuertes limitaciones. Sobre todo la libertad de expresión y la libertad de asamblea se limitan considerablemente. De hecho, el Gobierno las impide activamente. El lento progreso digital en Cuba y la crisis causada por el coronavirus generan aun más restricciones para los cubanos.

En Cuba los derechos fundamentales no son evidentes

Desde los tiempos de Fidel Castro, el gobierno cubano ha tenido una visión muy limitada de lo que son los derechos fundamentales y cómo la población cubana puede gozar de ellos. Si bien la reforma constitucional de 2018 garantiza más derechos fundamentales, dos años después la esperanza de que se incrementen las libertades en el país no se ha hecho realidad.

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Libertarian Senator Rand Paul and other Republican lawmakers accosted in Wahington DC by angry mob trying to lynch them

  • Black Lives Matter demonstrators surrounded them with aggressive lynching intent.
  • "People Who Accosted Me in DC Were Trying to Kill Me".– Sen. Rand Paul

Washington DC, Aug.28.– An angry mob in the vicinity of the White House, Washington DC, surrounded on Friday Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and his wife as well as other lawmakers, including state Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat who supports President Donald Trump.

Video footage showed Paul, who also has a history of being brutally assaulted by his democrat neighbor several years ago, being protected in this instance from the crowd by police officers.

Paul and several women stood in place for at least 5 minutes until more officers arrived.

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Mexico's Tragic Chain: 133 journalists' lives lost

10 obituaries of journalists killed in Mexico in 2019. They are some of the 133 journalists who have been killed between 2000 and 2020.

Each one different, these are the lives of people committed to journalism at a time when this country became a battleground. Their voices were silenced, but their legacies endure. This memorial is meant to honour them forever." To view all 133 obituaries, click HERE

Different, strong campaigning voices, masters of their own writing. The following are only 10 of the 133 journalists murdered in Mexico between 2000 and 2020. These are those who died in 2019.

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Good and Evil Clash at the Feet of Saint Louis the King

St. Louis, July 1.– On a blistering June 27 in St. Louis, Mo. forces of good and evil clashed at the feet of a majestic statue of the city’s patron. Fueled by emotion over substance, around 150 Black Lives Matters (BLM) proponents cried obscene slogans to a tribal drumbeat demanding that the statue be torn down, despite its iconic status. Indeed, the statue is formally named: “The Apotheosis of Saint Louis.”

In the face of this, around 50 faithful Catholics arrived at noontime, to pray the rosary in unison, beseeching heaven to maintain the statue and thus, defend St. Louis’ Catholic heritage. Six or seven priests were among the faithful. The contrast between the two groups was razor-sharp.

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