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Perspectivas / Perspectives

DIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA MUJER: Miles de mujeres marchan por sus derechos en Pakistán a pesar de las pedradas de grupos islamistas

«Destruyamos el patriarcado y liberemos a la población femenina de la opresión», ha proclamado la activista Farzana Bari durante un mitin en la capital.

Islamabad, Marzo 8.– Miles de mujeres paquistaníes han marchado este domingo Manifestantes en Islamabad en el Día Internacional de la Mujerpor las calles de todo el país en el Día Internacional de la Mujer frente a las pedradas lanzadas por grupos de islamistas y de ultraderecha que habían avisado de que interrumpirían por la fuerza el "obsceno" evento.

«Destruyamos el patriarcado y liberemos a la población femenina de la opresión», ha proclamado la activista Farzana Bari durante un mitin en la capital.

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Hong Kong detiene al fundador de un diario y a dos políticos prodemócratas

Jimmy Lai Chee-yingJimmy Lai Chee-ying fue acusado de «intimidar a un reportero» y de «manifestación ilegal»

Hong Kong, Feb.28.– La Policía de Hong Kong detuvo este viernes al fundador de un diario y a dos políticos prodemócratas en relación a una protesta prohibida celebrada el 31 de agosto de 2019 en el marco de las manifestaciones antigubernamentales que duraron meses en la ciudad, informa la prensa local.

Según el diario hongkonés South China Morning Post, a primera hora de la mañana las fuerzas del orden arrestaron por «intimidar a un reportero» y por «manifestación ilegal» a Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, fundador del rotativo Apple Daily, conocido por su apoyo al movimiento prodemócrata -y, por tanto, a las protestas- y por su oposición al Gobierno pro-Pekín.

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2020 Geneva Summit for Human Rights & Democracy: a Voice for the Voiceless

Iranian Activist Receives Geneva Summit Int’l Women’s Rights Award.


Jailed Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi's Family Say They Have Not Heard From Him In Over a Month.


Geneva, Feb.18 (– The Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy assembles each year hundreds of courageous dissidents and human rights victims, activists, diplomats, journalists and student leaders to shine a spotlight on urgent human rights situations that require global attention. The Geneva Summit is sponsored by a coalition of 25 human rights NGOs from around the world. This annual conference builds on the success and momentum of the previous gatherings, which have been widely acclaimed in the international human rights community.

2020 Int'l Women's Right Award

At the 2020 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, an international coalition of 25 human rights organizations today presented the prestigious International Women’s rights Award to Shaparak Shajarizadeh, a prominent Iranian women’s rights activist who was jailed, beaten and brutalized for removing her headscarf in public.

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The troubling resurgence of Christian persecutions

Christian persecution is taking place in many parts of the World at a much higher number of victims than in times of the Roman Empire. The ten most responsible governments for systematic persecution and violations of religious freedom are in descending order: North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Yemen, Iran and India. The fact that India is among these top ten violators is hard to believe to many who cannot understand how such a democratic country often allows at leisure Hindu radicals attacking Christians with practically no consequences. Note that with the exception of North Korea and India, all the other violators are muslim. In fact, among the next 10 in this woesome ranking, 8 of them are also muslim countries: Syria, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Uzbekistan and Myanmar. The following National Review report is quite revealing about this tragedy.

Ranking of Nations Where Christians Are Persecuted Most

Some old standbys, and then some surprises  One of many vandalized churches in some of the countries listed

Jan 29.– The group Open Doors has released the latest iteration of its World Watch List. The ranking covers the worst 50 nations with respect to religious persecution of Christians. Most nations on the list are perennials, instantly recognized by those who follow the issue. The details vary a bit year by year, but the outcome of this tragic sport rarely changes much.

Indeed, one imagines religious persecutors involved in a competition to see which state can be more inhospitable to freedom of conscience. There is an aging champ, still in the lead but closely trailed by new aspirants. A previous contender reemerges for a new run at the top prize. Most of those seeking victory have different strengths. Some competitors emphasize direct government repression, others vicious social pressure. A favorite technique is mob violence with official acquiescence. There are more.

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China's Uighur Crackdown 'The Holocaust Did Not Take Place in One Day'

The Chinese government is currently interning hundreds of thousands of the country's Uighur Muslim minority. In an interview, Jewher Ilham, the daughter of human rights activist Ilham Tohti, who has been sentenced to life in prison, calls on the European Union to take action against Beijing.

Jewher Ilham, daughter of Uighur economic professor Ilham Tohti Uhr, Jan.8.– Jewher Ilham, 25, is the daughter of Chinese economics professor Ilham Tohti, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for his advocacy of the rights of China's Uighur minority.

She went to the United States on her own in 2013 after her father's arrest at an airport. He had taught at Beijing's Minzu University until early 2014 and was considered to be the last moderate activist working on behalf of Muslim Uighurs in China.

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