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'Shadow of Dust' over Tibetan culture

The International Campaign for Tibet issued a recent in-depth report drawing international attention to the Chinese government's demolition of an important Buddhist Institute  

"Shadow of dust across the sun: how tourism is used to counter Tibetan cultural resilience" is a recent ICT report that reveals how the demolitions and expulsions at Larung Gar and Yachen Gar in the past six months are part of an unfolding political strategy involving more aggressive measures in order to curb and manage the growing influence and number of monks and nuns at these important monastic centers of study and Buddhist ethics in eastern Tibet, the largest such institutes in the world.

‘Shadow of Dust across the Sun’ is informed by first-hand sources and eyewitness testimony. A new round of demolitions began at Larung Gar in July 2016 as part of the Chinese Communist Party's drive to extinguish Tibetan cultura. The destruction of homes occupied by monks and nuns was originally scheduled to be completed by September 2017. However, a recenly accelerated pace may finish this ruinous project by the end of July.

Two hundred additional monks and nuns were expelled from Larung Gar on December 24, 2016. It is appling to watch such peaceful, devotged Buddhists tormented by Chinese police. The evicted Tibetans are forced to sign official documents stating they will never return to Larung Gar or other religious centers.

Chinese authorities falsely clim Larung Gar is undergoing "construction development". Allegedly, Chinese authorities are creating "a more orderely, beautiful and peaceful land".

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