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The goal is 10,000 supporters towards European democracy

  • Democracy International
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 It’s now or never – our best chance to democratize the European Union will be determined in the weeks to come. Nothing like the European Citizens’ Initiative exists anywhere else, and it’s up to us to tell the Commission that citizens everywhere demand a new and improved ECI that works.

A few days ago, we announced that The ECI Rescue Team will be heading to Brussels next week to deliver the signatures and our petition including a list of demands to the Commission. When we introduce our proposals to the Commission, we want it to be absolutely clear that the citizens believe in a strong ECI too!

Please join thousands of supporters and sign our petition to reinforce the importance of the ECI to the Commission.  

The next few weeks will be crucial for the first tool of transnational direct democracy. The future of the European Citizens’ Initiative will be decided by the end of the year, following months of a revision process by the European Commission. 

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Stop Artic oil drilling!

  • Al Gore
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Dear world citizens,

The environmental movement has made great strides in recent years. We’ve developed new, cleaner energy sources, and lots of people are now taking action to stop the worst of global warming. I've always believed we can turn this thing around, but it's going to take us all pulling together.

Having been through presidential elections, both as a candidate and as a concerned citizen, this One of Norway's oil rigs in the Artic last one was the worst yet for the climate. Donald Trump is doing everything he can to undo the progress we’ve made together in recent years, even pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement. We’re seeing extreme weather events every night on the news. Sadly, we only have to look around at what’s happening with damaging flooding caused by global warming induced storms, record breaking temperatures around the globe, wildfires, and the melting ice caps in the Arctic to know this is not theory — this is reality.

But I'm not giving up and neither should you peoples of the world. I've been working hard on my new movie, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. In the movie, we share inspiring stories about the renewable energy revolution that’s already under way. I hope everyone who comes to see it will leave knowing that while the stakes have never been higher, the perils of climate change can still be overcome when we combine brain power with people power.

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Support the campaign to reform and improve the European Citizens' Initiative

  • Democracy International
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The fourth successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), named "Stop Glyphosate" reached the required number of signatures. But it’s not enough that only four ECIs in five years reached the required one million signatures. A strong reform to improve the ECI is necessary, and it is only possible with your help.

Please share this video on the ECI’s facts and figures with your friends so that they can also urge the Commission for a strong ECI reform!

Don’t let the opportunity to voice your opinion to the Commission pass you by - we are closer than ever to a new and improved ECI!

For years we have been working together with tens of thousands of you to reform the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). Finally, we now have the chance to influence a real change in EU decision-making processes! But we need your help TODAY.

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