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Denuncias / Reports

U.N decries widespread abuse in North Korea

Geneva, Sept.17.─ Inmates in North Korea's prison camps suffered starvation and torture and described "unspeakable atrocities" comparable with Nazi abuses uncovered after the Second World War, U.N. investigators said on Tuesday.

Forced labor camp in North Korea

Evidence in their report, swiftly rejected by Pyongyang, showed a disturbing pattern of human rights violations, said Michael Kirby, who chairs the independent inquiry.

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Prominent Bangladeshi Activist Arbitrarily Arrested and Detained

Physical Security a Concern

Adilur Rahman Kahn arrested without warrant in Bangladesh

Aug. 12.─ Adilur Rahman Kahn, Secretary of Odhikar, a leading human rights organization in Bangladesh, was arrested by the Bangladeshi Detective Branch of Police without an arrest warrant (photo) on August 10, 2013, according to an Odhikar press release. The next day, Mr. Khan was brought before the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's Court. According to Human Rights Watch, he was not allowed to speak with lawyers before the hearing, and the arrest "appears to be an attempt to silence one of the Bangladeshi government's most vocal critics prior to national elections." In addition, the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development reports that Mr. Khan has been the subject of harassment and intimidation by the State authorities on numerous occasions.

At the Court hearing, it was revealed that Mr. Khan was charged under the Information and Communication Technology Act for "publishing false images and information and disrupting the law and order situation of the country," according to Odhikar. The charge refers to Odhikar's fact-finding report about an incident on May 5, 2013 in Dhaka, when security forces violently attacked peaceful demonstrators in Shapla Square. The report stated that many people died in the crackdown but Odhikar refused to release the names to the government out of concern for the safety of the families of the deceased. Instead, Odhikar called for an independent commission to be established to investigate the incident, and to whom Odhikar would release the names.

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New Cuban Penal Law threatens Human Rights

According to the new Cuban laws police officers can address directly any infringement of the Penal Law, with penalties of up to 1 year's imprisonment and/or fines not higher than 15 thousand pesos, without being required to report the case to the courts. In October, they will be granted authority over offenses of up to 3 years' imprisonment and/or fines no higher than 50 thousand pesos, with the approval of a prosecutor

Policía Nacional Revolucionaria cubana

July 22.─ The reforms of the Penal Code and the Penal Procedure Act adopted by the State Council to "ensure greater effectiveness and efficiency in the prevention and the fight against crime" raises a red flag about the situation of human rights in Cuba.

The amendments will come into force on October 1st. Their main objective is to expand the power of the police forces and lighten the burden of the courts, a solution that results in more than one problem. The main one is: Are the police officers trained to legally evaluate and judge a case?

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Human Rights Foundation Threatened by Kim's North Korean Dictatorship

"We Will Take Practical Measures to Physically Eliminate This Human Scum".- Ministry of People's Secutiry

Human Rights Foundation LogoSeoul, June 27.─ The North Korean government has declared their intention to kill a delegation from the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) this Saturday during a South Korea-based balloon launch aimed at distributing information and equipment into North Korea.

HRF, in cooperation with the civil society organization Fighters for Free North Korea, intends to travel to the border with North Korea and launch 5,000 helium balloons each containing a small package that includes USB drives, a transistor radio, chocolates, CDs and leaflets denouncing the North Korean dictatorship and offering an alternative view of life beyond the border.

"The Kim dictatorship perfectly illustrates their inhumanity and weakness by reacting to a non-violent educational effort aimed at breaking the monopoly of information over their people by threatening retaliation with deadly force. We plan to send accurate information and in return they menace with 'slitting our throats,'" said HRF president Thor Halvorssen who is in Seoul accompanying Park Sang Hak, a defector from North Korea whose organization has spent the last ten years providing his people with opinions that differ from the regime's official propaganda machinery.


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Participants in Latin American Network Assembly attacked in Media & intimidated

Logo de RedLadMay 23 (─ Following the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy's (RedLad) Third Regional Assembly in Honduras last week (May 15-18), prominent members of the network have been publicly attacked online and in the media. The Assembly gathered more than 400 participants in workshops and discussions under the theme "Inclusive Democracy".

The World Movement for Democracy and the Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative are concerned about the slanderous attacks against the participants and the threats and attempts of intimidation against them.

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