CUBA: 2016 documented deaths & Raúl Castro repression tally since 2006

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Cuba Archive documented 21 cases of death or disappearance in 2016 attributed to the Cuban political process, however, many more cases were reported for which sufficient information was unavailable and many more cases are expected in prisons but could not be added to the database for lack of precise information.

Two prisoners died who were deprived of their freedom for “pre-criminal dangerousness,” an aberration in Cuba’s Penal Code that criminalizes the propensity to commit an offense against the social order, as subjectively determined by state authorities. Both succumbed to reported health ailments without timely or adequate medical care.

Documented deaths and disappearances attributed to the Raúl Castro regime: 7/31/2006 and until 12/31/2016

Since Raúl Castro assumed supreme command of Cuba on July 31, 2006, Cuba Archive has documented 264 deaths and disappearances attributed to the Cuban state. 

This number excludes even the documented victims of exit attempts , thought to be in the hundreds, and is, sadly, well below the actual number of victims, reported and presumed. Many individuals are known to be dying in prison –especially many young men—yet there are almost no reports from prison, as access is routinely denied to international monitoring agencies such as the Red Cross, and no systematic efforts are in place in Cuba to attempt collecting this information independently. Here is the breakdown, excluding deaths in exit attempts:

Forced Disappearances: 2
Extrajudicial / Deliberate Killings: 34
Hunger Strike in Prison: 6
Denial of Medical Care / Medical Condition in Prison: 100
Suicide or Alleged Suicide in Prison or Induced: 52
Accidents / Negligence in Prison: 4
Other Causes: 24

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