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Do Chinese authorities respect human rights of Xinjiang's Turkmen population?

Erdogan’s Risky China Gamble: Official Turkish delegation to inspect troubled Xinjiang.  Ankara, July 19.– An official Turkish visit to the troubled north-western Chinese province of Xinjiang to assess reports of a brutal crackdown on the region’s Turkic Muslims is politically charged...

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Combating the most serious human rights violations – A View from Netherlands

The use of the death penalty and torture are still all too common around the world.

The Netherlands takes a consistent stand against these most flagrant and serious violations of human rights.

Death penalty and torture

The Netherlands works to combat the use of the death penalty and torture, acting as much as possible through the European Union (EU). The EU calls for the abolition of the death penalty worldwide, with a moratorium on executions as an interim goal. The Netherlands supports human rights organisations working towards these ends.

The Netherlands is also making efforts on the following issues:

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