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Abe re-elected Japanese PrimeMinister

NATIONALIST AGENDA: Shinzo Abe’s choice of Gen Nakatani as defense chief has raised concern in China as the prime minister seeks to change the constitution

PM Shinzo Abe Tokyo, Dec.25 (AFP).─ The Japanese parliament yesterday confirmed Shinzo Abe for another term as prime minister after his election triumph, but the return to power stirred warnings from China over a bid to change the pacifist constitution.

The lower house voted overwhelmingly for 60-year-old Abe, with 328 votes against 73 for acting opposition leader Katsuya Okada. That was followed by an upper house poll that officially confirmed Abe as prime minister.

His new Cabinet was largely unchanged, with Taro Aso returning as deputy prime minister and finance minister, Fumio Kishida as foreign minister and Yoichi Miyazawa in the industry minister post.

Industry is a key portfolio that oversees Japan’s nuclear power sector, as Abe looks to restart more atomic reactors shuttered after the 2011 crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant.

The only new face was Gen Nakatani, replacing Akinori Eto as defense minister after Eto declined reappointment in the midst of a political funding scandal ...

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