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Republican Presidential canditates for 2016 US elections?

Although the US Presidential campaign is still far in the future, and no Republican has indicated a clear desire to be a Presidential candidate, there is already a long list of possible contenders. This is it in alphabetical order:

  • Jeb Bush - former Governor of Florida
  • Ben Carson - neurosurgeon and author
  • Chirs Christie - governor of New Jersey
  • Ted Cruz - US Senator for Texas
  • Mike Huckabee - former Governor of Arkansas
  • Bobby Jindal - Governor of Luisiana
  • John Kasich - Governor of Ohio
  • Peter King - New York Congressman
  • Rand Paul - US Senator for Kentucky
  • Mike Pence - Governor of Indiana
  • Rick Perry - Governor of Texas
  • Condoleezza Rice - former US Secretary of State
  • Marco Rubio - US Senator for Florida
  • Paul Ryan - Wisconsin Congressman
  • Scott Walker - Governor of Wisconsin

According to the most prominent and recent polls, Bush, Paul and Perry stand out as the favorites. Marco Rubio and Condoleezza Rice stand out as the most likable to join the ticket as the selected Vicepresidential candidate. Rick Santorum does not appear in the list but he might try for the second time to be a candidate in the 2016 primaries. On the other hand Mike Huckabee's apparent lack of interest keeps his poll results at a low level, but he is quite likable and may be the surprise candidate. And Ted Cruz has the strong support of the so called "Tea Party".