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Oklahomans rule! Participatory democracy headed their way

Tulsa, Feb.7.─ November’s ballot could give Oklahomans one of the broadest opportunities in participatory democracy in a long time.  

Legislative referendums, proposed constitutional amendments and initiative petitions might have voters dealing with everything from state prison policy to the future of farming

First, let’s look of what certainly will be on the Nov. 8 ballot: State Questions 776 and 777.

• SQ 776 is a constitutional amendment clarifying several details of capital punishment in Oklahoma. The measure would allow lawmakers to designate any method of execution not prohibited by the U.S. Constitution, and specifies that if a method of execution is declared invalid, a convict’s death sentence is still valid.

•SQ 777 would create a new section of the Oklahoma Constitution’s Bill of Rights, guaranteeing the right to engage in farming and ranching.

You should keep reading, even if you aren’t a farmer or a rancher because this might be important ...

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