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Potential Confederate monument referendum stirring debate in a US County

Organizers of a "Floyd 4 Floyd" rally voiced their desire to eliminate Confederate statues. The Floyd County Board of Supervisors is discussing putting the matter to a November referendum

Confederate Statue in Floyd County Floyd, Jul 17.– The Floyd County Board of Supervisors will soon decide whether to put the status of the courthouse Confederate monument to a November referendum — as the county Electoral Board warns of potential voter intimidation while a majority recently spoke in favor of preserving the statue.

Every parking spot was occupied at the county Administration building Tuesday morning and residents crowded into the lobby prior to the supervisors’ meeting.

After taking no action at that meeting, the clock is ticking on the supervisors, who must file a ballot request with the circuit court by Aug. 14.

Prior to opening this week’s meeting to public comment, board Chairman Joe Turman said, “I will not condone any vulgarity, bashing or disrespect for the board or anyone involved. We’re all supposed to be friends and neighbors.”

During the public comment period, more than twice as many people spoke in favor of preserving the monument as supported removing it — 13 people took the general position that the monument should stay, while six spoke in favor of removing it ...

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